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Project Portfolio

User-Friendly Professional Websites

Your website is the focal point for all of your marketing efforts:  It should broadcast your brand, showcase your expertise and engage your targeted visitors to connect, share, and return. In short, you should feel proud to broadcast that URL (that’s a web address, to those of us without the nerdy glasses)!

Engaging Designs

bytes & words has a solid history of developing engaging websites that are user-friendly, dynamic, and highly visual: They look great, work well, and get folks their information quickly. Our clients  are nonprofits, professional services companies, start-ups, retail concerns, and restaurants.

Extensible Web Content Management

bytes & words develops sites built on flexible content management systems (CMS), including Joomla and WordPress, to offer the widest range of possibilities to clients. Most clients want some control over their website, at some point, and a CMS with user-friendly editing tools offers this option. More importantly,  CMS-based sites offer virtually unlimited expansion into any direction your digital marketing may take you. This means we get to say “yes, you can” more often without you needing to break the marketing piggy bank.

Search-Friendly, Mobile Solutions

bytes & words‘ solutions are  search-friendly by nature, from the code structure, to key terms placed in Google’s favorite places: We don’t just list zip codes for the robots to index. Many degrees of search optimization are available, as is ongoing advice about what we’ve seen work for others. Our wish for you is a lasting organic search ranking, one that doesn’t evaporate when you stop paying Google or SuperIndex R Us. We encourage adding Google Analytics to learn where your traffic is (or is not) coming from. And if your customers are on the move, we can help with a responsive, mobile website solution.

View our list of clients, website and otherwise, whom we’ve helped to reach their goals or contact us to chat!